Foldable iPhone

The foldable phones are not new for the users, Galaxy fold was the first phone introduced to the users by Samsung. However, Huawei also joins the race and giving the tough competition by introducing the rollable phone, Huawei Mate X in Barcelona. Oppo, Xiaomi and LG are also working on foldable phones to join the race. Now Apple Foldable iPhone is also coming.

In this time of other companies launching their foldable phones, however, we did not hear much from Apple. This was quite surprising that Apple was not there when we were getting leaks from other companies. Apple co-founder said in an Interview that :

“Where is my foldable phone?”

The new Apple foldable iPhone video can prove a ghost to the other big companies. The marathon of a foldable phone is going on, and Samsung and Huawei are winning which means there is no pace for Apple yet. The company’s co-founder is also questioning the company about the new foldable phones journey. In a recent interview with the Bloomberg, Steve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder said that:

He is concerned that why Apple is not launching folding iPhone and he also desired that he wants it.

But, there is good news to all the Apple users who are waiting for any news of foldable phone from Apple, that their wait is over. A recent video of Apple foldable phone has come with something ironic and we surely can say that it’s much better than the previous foldable phones.

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The expected name for this will be iPhone X foldable. It is very thin and sleek as compared to the other foldable phones. Even we are excited about the concept packaging. We are now waiting to see the iPhone anytime. But, we know all the plans of the giant company Apple is always hidden, whereas, we get different news and patents from other companies.

We already can expect that the futuristic Foldable iPhone will be bought by millions as the name indicates everything.