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Apple’s Beats brand is going to launch its truly wireless Powerbeats earbuds in April, these are designed especially for workouts. We have already seen this kind of technology when Apple release Airpods in 2016, the newly updated earphones is similar to Apple airpods as they both are wireless. Earlier in 2018, Apple was working on a new device that would intensify the Audio-device strategy, a set of airpods which is expensive comes with High-end noise cancellation tech and studio quality over-ear headphones.

Beats headphones including the BeatsX incorporated with Apple’s latest headphone chip, the W1. Likewise, the new truly wireless powerbeats earbuds would be equipped with Apple’s new H1 chip and have the same always-on Siri voice-assistant as the new AirPods. Also, Apple won’t be reducing the sale of its own Airpods because Powerbeats are designed for work out, running, and other athletic activities that aren’t really meant for AirPods.

The earbuds are expected to have longer battery life than Airpods which have only five hours of listening time. However, Beats company has not had a major release since the Beats Studio3 Wireless, it was updated in June 2018 and incorporated with a W1 chip. The new powerbeats could serve as an alternative for those users who want a redesign in Airpods, it will also offer them better features like enhanced bass and water resistance.

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There is no word yet on the Powerbeats pricing, Apple previous AirPods with Wireless Charging Case priced at $199, and current Powerbeats also cost $199, so it might be possible this new wireless powerbeats earbuds is of a high price. It would not be surprising if beats will have a price range of $250.

Though the Powerbeats3 Wireless currently retail for $199.95 on the Beats website, but available as low as $99 on the Amazon website. If the news about the powerbeats is true then cordless Powerbeats3 would be the first in the whole Beats lineup to be truly wireless earbuds.

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