icloud was down

Apple has decided to join the fun with an outage along with Gmail, YouTube on Tuesday, and Facebook and Instagram on Wednesday. Every iCloud service was experiencing issues, including Contacts, Drive, and Mail today according to the system status dashboard on Apple’s site.


The company reported the ongoing issue, beginning at 11 AM ET today which lasted until 3:28 pm. No details were offered by the company Apple just said that “some users are affected,” and “users may be unable to access this service.” But according to the reports, the problem was reported widespread.

Yellow warning notes for more than four hours appeared on the company’s dashboard. Services like the iCloud sign in, Backup, Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Keychain, iCloud Drive file storage, iWork, Photos, Notes, Reminders, Find My iPhone, and more were all apparently affected by the issue.

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2.3 billion users across the world were affected by Facebook outrage and its properties including Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger for more than a day, it was the site’s largest-ever outage. And after this Apple outrage was there as a surprise again. The social networking concluded all the problem as “server configuration change. Some are discussing the cyber attack, but yet nothing is confirmed.

People are believing that the series of outrages of all the services are connected. But it is simply too early to conclude something. Companies are not providing enough details to fully understand the nature of these outrages which are happened.

It was the third major tech outage of iCloud in as many days. Apple has not yet given any comment on the matter. It will be fair o say that it was not a good enough week for internet. Apple is still not commenting on the problem when reached by different sites. Hopefully, some of you tried to give an Off and On try to the social sites. But all in vain. Right?