Google gets a new fine by EU; the US giant has anti-competitive practices in the online advertising market and abused its dominant position. The European Commission made the decision about the technology giant’s investigation of monopolistic behavior from the past decade.

The amount of the fine is $1.7 billion, represents 1.29% of Google’s revenue in 2018. It is the 3rd fine they’ve given the internet giant since 2017. In total, Google will have to pay 9.37 billion dollar in less than two years in Europe for anti-competitive practices. This is finally starting to force Google to look forward change its practices.

This is in fact the outcome of a very long survey around the practices of the advertising agency AdSense between 2006 and 2009. The Commissioner in charge of the file Margrethe Vestager explains in a statement:

 “Today, the Commission has fined Google € 1.49 billion for illegal abuse of dominant position in the online search advertising market. Google has consolidated its dominant position in online contextual advertising and has guarded against competitive pressure by imposing anti-competitive contractual restrictions on third-party websites.”

“According to the EU anti-monopoly regulations, this is illegal.” Vestag added.

The European Union in June 2017 and July 2018, imposed fine because the company illegally operated to consolidate its dominant position in Internet search,” which end up issuing a fine of about $2.7 billion and $5 billion.

This fine is much smaller than the previous two fines of up to $7.77 billion and the EU did not require the company to change its business model because the company terminated its first after being accused.

“We have always believed that a healthy and thriving market is in everyone’s interest. To address the concerns of the (EU) Committee, we have made extensive adjustments to our products.” Kent Walker, senior vice-president of global affairs, said in a statement.

“In the next few months, we will make further updates to increase the visibility of European competitors,” he continued.

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According to Reuters, to avoid being fined once again, Google has released a series of fine-tuning on the 19th for their European search engine results.

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