“Inbox by Gmail” app will be shut down by the Google on 2nd April. Another workplace of Google will be going away from users. It was announced earlier in September but the date was not confirmed that when would it happen.

Reportedly, some users are seeing a pop-up screen which appears when they open the app, saying that the service will close in 15 days time. Users are being alerted that Inbox could end on April 2nd. A link for the user to switch to the regular Gmail app is available with the pop-up. Users are assured their messages will be there waiting for them. Google says:

“It is “working hard” to continue porting over some of Inbox’s most-loved features them.”

In 2014 Google announced that the ‘Inbox by Gmail’ was an experimental email app. It accesses your emails in a more attractive and interactive way away from the mainstream Gmail app. It includes many interesting features such as snoozing emails to check later, Smart Reply, high-priority notifications, and much more. It also brought emails of the same topic together, and users praised this app for this task.

The all-white design now seen on the main Gmail app was also featured by the ‘Inbox by Gmail’ app. Google conclude about the four years of the app’s life :

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“learned a lot about how to make email better,” some of the most popular Inbox features directly into its main Gmail client, to which the company is directing existing Inbox users.

A guide has been set up by Google on its support website to help the users to move their information from inbox to Gmail. The new Gmail app will be introduced in April 2019 by Google. It includes many of the same features as Inbox in addition to new ones, so users don’t lose hope. Something good is also waiting for you!

Another social app Google+ will be off from April 2.

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