huawei P30 pro

Huawei is just a few weeks away to launch its next flagship smartphone which is P30 Pro. But in regard to the device leaks and rumors have already been appeared. Recently a biggest new feature confirmed by Clement Wong who is the Huawei’s VP of global product marketing, that the phone will have a periscope-style “superzoom” camera.


Last year, Huawei P20 pro model helped the company a lot in establishing the image of Huawei in the Camera market. Might be Huawei thinks of giving a more powerful camera in this new flagship, Wong did confirm about the periscope camera system but he refused to confirm the rumored 10x figure. He said that the camera would do something which you have never seen before, it probably be hinting at some sort of mechanical zooming lens something you would want to see on a phone.

However, you have already seen the same periscope lens and that kind of zoom at the MCW 2019 event where Oppo showcased a 10x zoom-capable prototype, relied on the periscopic lens to achieve that kind of zooming. If Huawei is using a similar method then it will beat Oppo in terms of launching consumer hardware with it.

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Wong also promised new improvements like the Huawei P30 Pro will offer low-light capabilities alongside the strong zoom option. He also presents first teaser image taken from the P30 Pro camera, a detailed photo of the moon was shot by the P30 Pro camera without any extra hardware. Specifications were not mentioned, but the company claims the feature would be upgraded not unlike the previous models.

In the end, Wong said that the Huawei P30 Pro will use “revolutionary technology to rewrite rules of photography.” We have to wait for the 26th of March to experience the periscopic camera system.