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Along with the release of P30 pro and P30, Huawei is also going to launch a bunch of accessories which is a series of Smart glasses. The company has decided to work with Korean fashion brand Gentle Monster to release its first smart glasses.

In a show at Paris, CEO Hankook Kim took the stage and announced about the new device and their collaboration with Gentle monster. Huawei is placing the glasses as some sort of earbuds replacement, it is going to be a device that lets you talk on the phone without putting anything in your ears. Apparently, there is no button on the phone but you can tap the temple of the glasses to answer a call.

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The antenna, charging module, dual microphone, chipset, speaker and battery are all incorporated into the eyeglass temple. Moreover, there are two microphones beam-forming technology to understand what you’re saying during the call even if the device is sitting on your nose. The stereo speakers are positioned right above your ears, the company wants you to hear the sound without any disturbance. There is no camera on the device because Huawei did not want to raise questions on privacy.

The glasses will come in a leather case along with USB-C port at the bottom, It features wireless charging as well which will charge the device through the companion case. The Smart glasses are IP67 dust and water resistant, it has a 2,200mAh battery. Huawei teased the glasses at the P30 press conference in Paris, but the glasses won’t be available before July 2019. Huawei has not announced the price of the device yet, but it is anticipated the glasses will come in various models.

There would be built-in voice assistant access too, however, more details on the Smart glasses will come soon.

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