Indian police arrested

Indian police arrested ten students after they were caught playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PUBG on mobileThe game is immensely popular among the youth but western Gujarat state authorities imposed a ban on PUBG last week due to concerns about its impact on the behavior, conduct, and language” of those playing it.

The Indian police arrested students on Wednesday but today the students released on bail. Apparently, the students were so indulge in the game that they did not look up and see police force was approaching to arrest them. PUBG is illegal in the entire Indian country but Gujarat is the first one to put a ban because of the complaints of parents and educators that the game was too violent and distracted students from studying.

PUBG’s parent company Bluehole released a statement to local Indian media to address the concerns, saying, “we also believe that it is extremely important for us to be a responsible member of the gaming ecosystem. To this end, we constantly work and shall continue to work with … parents, educators, and government bodies, and listen to their feedback on what we can do.”

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In february, a local minister of Gujrat described it as “a demon in every house,” according to The Times of India. Most of the players enjoy the game on the mobile whereas educators in the rest of the country are still concerned with the addiction of PUBG game. Moreover, other games like rival battle royale and third-person shooter Fortnitehas not faced legal restrictions yet from the Indian authorities.

It might be possible that PUBG is banned because it is more of a violence based game, and also downloading the game isn’t easily downloaded as you have to manually download it from Epic. Because of these reasons, PUBG has become the main target for lawmakers,