Instagram adds

Facebook’s photo sharing application, Instagram adds a “Checkout” feature today, that will allow users to purchase products directly within the app.


Previously, it has an option to put the products on sale but, when a user clicked on it, the process was redirected to an external website (the website of the store) to make the purchase on it.

However, Instagram has just launched the possibility of making payments directly within the application. So the transaction can be completed completely within the social network itself.

Instagram product director Vishal Shah says: “We had this idea a few years ago, and our intention is to create a complete shopping experience for people.” Shah also added that this new features have made Instagram a step closer to achieving the goal.

According to the social media App, 90 million Instagram accounts tap on a shopping post to learn more about products every month. Also, 36% of Instagram users surveyed in the US say that they love to shop and consider it a hobby.

At the moment, the option of making payments for purchases within the app is part of a beta program that the company is testing with brands among which are clothing firms, cosmetics and others.

The checkout feature supports 23 retailers, including Nike, Burberry and H&M. Over time, more retailers will join the site in the future. Users can purchase these retailer products directly in the Instagram app without going to another website window.

Instagram will charge businesses a percentage per transaction to cover the costs of using the credit card.

The user only has to complete their personal information and their credit card to make the transaction. This data can be stored on Instagram to be remembered for future purchases.

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Right now the functionality is not available to any user, but as it is already being tested with some specialized stores in the United States shows that it is possible, that the company is active about it. Also, it will not take long to arrive at the rest of the markets.