Airlines are currently giving special offers and sales merely to engage their customer or to increase their PR. For this purpose, JetBlue is introducing a contest which will give three winners a free flight for a year. But in order to win such a huge price, the users must delete all of their Instagram photos, post a new photo using a JetBlue template and hope to be one of the lucky three.


As per the JetBlue rules stated, the entrants’ musk keep their Instagram clear and set it on Public so that the marketing people can see your photo before the 8th of March. All you have to do is to post with a hashtag using JetBlue’s template on a blank Instagram. The airline does not specifically mention why your Instagram needs to be cleared. You can also archive your pictures as per the advice of Jetblue, the main purpose is that your profile should look blank.

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Not forget to mention that the selected winner would still be liable to individual taxes and fees on each “free” flight taken. The contest is similar to the stunt of Fyre Festival pulled when it got a bunch of influencers to post an orange square on their pages to promote the event. It does not seem like the JetBlue is doing this to promote its Time well spent. As they are encouraging travelers to refill their blank Instagram pages with more travel photos to win the sweepstakes.

If you are thinking of deleting all your Instagram photos for the Contest, then you might get the chance of traveling free for a year. Deleting all your photos is a price you must pay to potentially win some heavily discounted flights.