LG OLED 2019

LG has announced the price and the availability of its 2019 OLED smart TV lineup, the prices and the shipping date of LG 2019 OLED would be same as that of last year. The company starts shipping next month in April and it won’t come cheap. The 2019 C9 (65-inch, 55-inch) and E9 (65-inch) series TVs will available for sale in April.

While the 77-inch model of the C9 and 55-inch E9 will available at stores a bit later in May and June respectively. LG has also going to introduce an update to the top-of-the-line W9 LG Signature Series OLEDs aka “wallpaper” TVs available in 65- and 75-inch sizes and will come out in June. The company announced at the CES that all of LG 2019 OLED lineup share the same display quality and the latest features.

As all TV model includes AirPlay 2, built-in support for Amazon Alexa voice commands, improved image processing, HomeKit technology and more. LG claims that they are the only TV manufacturer who offers both Amazon Alexa and Google assistant out of the box, while some brands like Samsung, Roku TVs, etc only support them through external speakers which you might already own.

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The OLED lineup also consists of HDMI 2.1 to support 4K high frame-rate content, variable refresh rate, and enhanced audio return channel (eARC). All these models differ in one thing the E9 series has glass on all four sides, most noticeably at the bottom. The C9 doesn’t get variations in the design, and the W9 (wallpaper) series puts the same display into a design.

LG said that only its OLED 2019 TVs will get AirPlay 2 and HomeKit functionality, other TV manufacturers like Samsung and Vizio are also adding the useful feature to their previous sets. The price range of LG C9 OLED 4K TVs are: 77-inch: $6,999 (May), 65-inch: $3,499 (April), 55-inch: $2,499 (April). Price of LG E9 OLED 4K TVs are: 65-inch: $4,299, 55-inch: $3,299. And G W9 Wallpaper OLED 4K TVs are: 77-inch: $12,999, 65-inch: $6,999.