phone screen mirroring

Microsoft has started testing out the updates of the phone screen feature in the Your Phone app for Windows 10 this week. This phone screen feature will allow Andriod users for phone screen mirroring and would be available for Windows Insiders this week. It also requires the latest test builds of Windows 10 and the Your Phone app.


In October, Microsoft demonstrated the phone screen mirroring feature in Your phone at the company’s Surface event. Now the app will work when you mirror the phone screen directly into Windows 10, and it provides a list of your Android apps. You can tap to access them and can make them appear at the remote session of the phone which is mirrored to your PC.

On the contrary, Microsoft is working on Bluetooth with Low Energy Peripheral mode a requirement for PCs because this is how your phone app communicates and mirrors Android to Windows 10 PCs. Initially, the company is not testing the feature on many of the PCs and Surface Go is the first surface machine to support the beta test.

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In addition, Microsoft is also going to limit the number of phones which will support mirroring during the test, and it’s currently only available on Samsung’s Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, S9, and S9 Plus. The company claims they are thinking to expand the number of phone and PC devices over time. Talking about the Phone screen mirroring which is a very clever way to bring mobile apps to the PC and for Microsoft to embrace Android.

It follows the same efforts from Bluestacks and even Dell’s Mobile Connect software whose trying to bring Andriod apps to PC. As for now, Microsoft is only testing the feature but it does support older versions of Windows 10 and once the company is finished testing it will debut as a separate update to Your phone.