Microsoft is rebuilding its Edge browser on Chromium, the giant software maker has been testing this version of the browser internally at the Microsoft. Previous leaks suggested that the new Microsoft chromium edge version looks similar to Chrome, although the company is adding its own touches and animations to make it look like and feel like a window browser.

When you install the latest Chromium version of Edge, Microsoft will tell you to import favorites, passwords, and browsing history from Chrome or Edge. While the setup screen prompts you to pick a style for the default tab page before you start browsing. Moreover, if we look at the interface it mostly looks like a mixture of Chrome and edge plus there is a read aloud accessibility option which reads the page out loud as it does in existing versions of Edge.

You might be disappointed to know that Microsoft has not added a few features. Microsoft hasn’t implemented a dark mode yet, the set-aside tabs feature isn’t available, and write on the web with a stylus is missing. Furthermore, the company has added support for extensions, and a dedicated extensions page. You would be able to install Chrome extensions from Google’s online store by flipping a switch in the extension’s settings.

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Microsoft is also offering sync support for extensions in the settings interface for this new Microsoft Chromium powered version. Microsoft new browser feels very smooth and polished, the browser also launches very quickly.

The page states that “more of the features listed above will become available for sync in the coming months.”

Currently, you can only sync favorites, but not settings, history, extensions, open tabs, passwords, and autofill information. It is not yet clear when will the Edge available publicly, but according to the information given by the internals it will arrive very soon

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