parking robot

Today, a French startup Stanley Robotics introduced a self-driving parking robot at Lyon-Saint-Exupery airport. Most expectedly, by March 2019 you can enjoy this service live. The startup started working on a parking robot named Stan. These giant parking robots are prepared or set to park your car in place. These can seriously pick up your car at the entrance of a parking lot and then park it for you.


Airport companies can enjoy this new technology and it can solve their problem of parking. Many airports don’t have a ton of space so they keep adding terminals. And it is becoming complicated to build more parking lots. Stanley robotics solved the problem by converting existing parking lots into automated parking areas.

It is more efficient and needs less space to circulate between all parking spaces. You can create 50 percent more spaces in the same surface area, according to the reports. If you are traveling for a few months, no need to worry, these robots will take care of your car by putting it in a corner and placing other cars in front of it. When you will land, they will easily make access to your car.

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There will be 500 parking spaces for the Stanley Robotics in Vinci’s Lyon airport. Four parking robots will work and move in the parking lot to move cars in and out. There is a report to expand this system to 6,000 spaces in total by Vinci and Stanley Robotics.

According to the airport website, If you want to book a parking space in P5+, the parking lot managed by Stanley Robotics, it will costs you €52.20. It is obviously more expensive than the normal parking lot which costs €50.40.

You are not allowed to walk in the parking lot. Your interaction is just to the garage at the gate of the parking. When the doors get closed, the environment is controlled by a startup from start to finish. Now let’s see the partnership of Stanley Robotics expands with other airports or not.