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A signal is everything when it comes to wireless devices. One of the best available Android phones, Samsung Galaxy S10+ in the market, is definitely not the best when it comes to signal strength. Phone’s signal strength is coming into question. Many users are facing signal problems.

According to the different forum, they are receiving complaints of many users that they are finding that their Galaxy S10 Plus simply has worse signal strength. They are claiming that their previous phones (e.g. Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8) have better signal strengths than this new one.

Owners of Samsung Galaxy S10+ are reporting that the phone keeps losing signal and this, of course, results to text message sending error or unexpected dropping of calls. Where some S10+ users are not even satisfied with its 3G/4G signals, the South Korean phone maker is said to release its 5g variant of Galaxy S10+.

Apparently, users in the US, are getting the network problem. Problems of weak signal strength are reported by many sprint users on the Samsung customer forums, but some AT&T and T-Mobile users have reported the same issue on the forum and reddit.

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Android authority further backed up after the claim of these S10+ owners, during its own testing they found that the S10+ has “greatly reduced signal strength” when compared to the signal strength of the Galaxy S9 and Pixel 3.

Maybe there are certain chances that the same signal issue can be found in Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10e. Most of the reports showed that, if they do have the same issue, it doesn’t appear to be widespread. Samsung has not officially responded to the issue, despite the fact that many users are occasionally reporting the issue of signal strength. Sprint, however, responded to the user’s problems and said that the issue will be fixed in a future software update. Hopefully, this update marks an end to the issue for Sprint subscribers.

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March 31, 2019 8:01 PM

The fix that came out the 27 of March didn’t fix the problem. This S-10 is still junk compared to my S-8. Drops network signal. Can’t use the GPS because it loses the signal. This is a sprint network. Samsung needs to step up fix this problem or replace it… Read more »

Jay Rahimi
Jay Rahimi
April 10, 2019 6:53 PM

Signal issues with S10 on AT&T network. Samsung Tech support has no resolution for it yet. Silence from Samsung for issues with a $1000 is appalling.