Samsung chief marketing officer

Earlier, Samsung conducted an internal investigation of its US marketing operation because it was allegedly playing too close with big media conglomerates, and ad agencies. Due to which they fired a large number of employees, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. Following this news, Marc Mathieu who is Samsung chief marketing officer left the company last week.

Probably you have not heard of Mathieu’s name but he was the one who was instrumental in pushing Samsung to invest in the YouTube creator community and help the company through several difficult periods. This also includes the handling of the Galaxy Note 7’s disastrous recall in 2016. Mathieu helped Samsung to launch the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus the same year, these phones are responsible for reducing the company’s reputation.

Recently, Samsung chief marketing officer Mathieu headed the collaborations with YouTubers like Casey Neistat to “humanize” the company. He led an industrywide push to make an investment in tech youtubers and other creators instead of investing in other traditional ad agencies.

“Creators are today, in a certain way, the marketers and advertisers of our products,” he said last year.

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Anyhow, Samsung has conducted an internal investigation to check if its marketing staff had violated company policy with regards to deals with business partners. It is kind of an audit that would inquire bribery acts between Samsung staff and marketing partners. The company has not told yet what kind of violations the audit found. Samsung declined to comment on whether the audit took place or not, or if the Mathieu leaving the company linked with the investigation or not.

“Recently, organization changes have been made to our marketing division,” Samsung’s representative said. “We have a strong management team in the US who remains focused on continuing to provide our customers in North America with the products and experiences they have come to expect of the Samsung brand.”

On the other hand, employees said Samsung’s investigation was insignificant and the company had treated them unfairly.