Samsung Galaxy A90

Samsung is planning to release another model to add in its Galaxy A line of mid-range devices, the Samsung Galaxy A90. This phone is the upper most device of the mid-range line, after that Samsung Galaxy A50, Galaxy A40, and Galaxy A30 under it. Galaxy A90 is expected to announce next month along with a hole punch display just like the Galaxy S10.

According to Samsung’s official website, the phone features a “notchless infinity screen.” But some rumors also suggest that A90 might not have any cut-out by having a pop-up selfie camera, like last year’s Vivo Nex. Now it means that Samsung Galaxy A90 is going to be the first device to hit the market with a new infinity display.

It is unclear how the Notchless infinity screen would be different from Samsung’s regular “Infinity Display.” Technically Samsung 2017 Galaxy S8 equipped with infinity display and has bezels instead of a notch. At the November conference last year, Samsung’s developers announced four different kinds of Infinity screens. Two of them the U and the V feature notches, one is the O that we saw on the Galaxy S10 has a hole-punch cutout, and the final screen was a “New Infinity” display, which featured no notches or cutouts at all.

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The display which Galaxy A90 acquire depends on Samsung’s categorization of the Infinity-O’s hole-punch as a notch or not. Also, if Samsung wants to announce its first Pop up selfie camera then the Galaxy A series would be the right range for it. In 2018, Samsung mobile head said that the company is planning to introduce new features on its mid-range phones, and that’s exactly what the company has done since then.

Not forget to mention, the Galaxy A7 was the first phone with three backside cameras, the Galaxy A9 had four, and the Galaxy A8s was the first phone with a hole-punch display. Anyhow, Samsung Galaxy A90 would be announced at the 10th April event.