On February 21, Samsung officially released the first commercial folding screen mobile phone Galaxy Fold. Samsung Galaxy Fold is one of the most eye-catching folding screen phones in the market. Recently the Korean media reported that Samsung is ready to provide this technology to Apple and Google.

According to source, Samsung has offered a foldable display panel for Apple and Google, which is 7.2 inches in size instead of the 7.3-inch screen on the Galaxy Fold.

“We know that Samsung Display has provided foldable screen samples to Apple and Google to fully expand the foldable screen business,” said insider familiar with Samsung’s foldable screens.

Recently at the MWC show, Huawei released the folding screen mobile phone Mate X also attracted the attention of the world. In addition, Xiaomi, OPPO and other domestic mobile phone manufacturers’ folding screen phones are also exposed.

As we know, Apple and Google represent the two major operating systems of iOS and Android, Apple is the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Google’s own hardware product line is not strong, but it has the Android ecosystem.

If Samsung Display successfully works with Apple and Google to fold the screen, it will certainly uphold a huge change in the folding screen industry chain and markets.

The matter shows that even though Apple is not eager to fold the phone but it surely will launch new products. It is now obvious that this technology promises to be the next generation of differences in smartphones. The facts also proves that Samsung is willing to sacrifice some exclusive rights to develop the foldable mobile phones for others soon.

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Samsung Display foldable screen can produce 200,000 units per month and annual capacity is 2.4 million. Considering the increase of demand in the future, Samsung Display is planning to expand its production capacity to 10 million pieces per year.