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Snap, the company that owns Snapchat, is coming up with its own gaming platform. The new service would have the code name of Project Cognac. It would include the arrival of new games (including third parties) to be used directly within the Snapchat application.

Snapchat is trying in every way to go back to being the magnet that in the past was for young people, since in Q3 alone in 2018 it lost 2 million users. The Popular application now wants to embark on the thriving and rewarding world of video games.

The Project Cognac would be a platform for video games directly inside the app. It would then join the project that Facebook has already launched. It will also compete with Twitch and YouTube, even if the characteristics and nature of this platform are not familiar.

It sounds a lot like the game tags that Facebook just launched, including instant games, e-sports streaming and more. Google is also preparing to release a large game on GDC next month and may launch its own platform.

It is reported that the presentation event will be held on April 4th, organized by Snap in Los Angeles. At the event, there will be a meeting between partners and developers, to discuss this feature.

Not only rumors but actually there are already invitations to the Los Angeles event, which leave little room for imagination for “Less Talk, More Play”.

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Jumping into the game can have an impact on users and revenue. It seems that the makers are trying hard to attract users. It is a clear signal of a turn towards gaming, a subject that catches the attention of young and old.

Apparently, Snap will launch original shows and other content at the first developer conference, but the main exposure will be games. Lets wait for what the App has to offer.

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