home wireless service

T-Mobile is going to start testing wireless home internet service which will offer unlimited LTE data to the home for $50 per month. Initially, the service had extremely limited availability, but the company says they wanted to reach 50,000 homes by the end of the year. The pilot service is aimed to test T-Mobile’s ability to deliver a high-speed home internet connection ahead of its 5G rollout.


However, with the passage of time, T-Mobile grew interest in launching wireless home internet which relies on 5G, providing much faster speed. The company will only offer speeds of 50 Mbps over LTE which is not that much fast while 5G service is supposed to deliver over 100 Mbps. Earlier this month T-Mobile said that it would deploy a 5G home internet service if its merger was approved.

It all depends on the Federal communication commission to approve that deal which focused on improving broadband access in rural parts of the country. By launching a home internet service T-Mobile wants to shift the conversation around a competition. Also, if T-Mobile and Sprint would merge it reduce the number of major wireless carriers from four to three.

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T-Mobile explains that LTE home internet pilot is just an invitation only, and they have begun sending information out today to a “limited group” of existing customers. Although this service includes no data caps and does not need a contract. T-Mobile will send subscribers an LTE receiver/router to get the service set up, after that the customers have to set up by themselves but they won’t have o pay for the equipment.

Today’s wireless home network service announcement comes one week before the final decision of the merger is due at the FCC. The FCC said that the ruling on the deal would be made at the starting of June, but the commission disregards the timeline.