camera features

From today, Twitter is rolling a new update which is a redesign to its camera features to promote more sharing of photos and videos on the text-centric network. When you swipe left to the twitter timeline you’ll get the new camera that’s no longer buried in the tweet composer. It allows you to take a snap or loop video up to two minutes by tapping or holding a circular capture button, this new update is more like Instagram.


You can also tap on the live button to start a broadcasting stream with your followers directly from Twitter. This new camera does not have an option to upload photos or videos that you’ve already taken but you can do that from regular tweet composer.

This week Keith Coleman who is Twitter’s vice president of product told the reporters that the company wants to encourage people to capture more visual moments from around the world directly from the app. The app will also promote live streaming using a foundation built by Periscope, Twitter purchased this live streaming app in 2015 and now integrating into its flagship app.

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Moreover, no periscope branding appears on camera live streaming feature, so it allows you to broadcast either via video or audio-only feeds. The new camera features will get special visual treatment inside Twitter, when you captured an image a colorful chyron appears on top, ready to add an optional location and caption. There are five more colors are present other than default blue.

By giving users a more colorful visual treatment, Twitter is probably attracting its users to use its long-neglected camera. In the past, Twitter feared that it may lose its loyal users if they incorporated the app with new changes. People who love to use Twitter also loved its hellscape constant conversation. But shifting towards the new stories feature could make the platform much more comfortable for the people who love uploading stories.