Twitter announced to its users that there is a joke being viral on the platform that is causing thousands of accounts to be blocked automatically by the company.


What would be Internet without the hoaxes, day after day, we have to deal with pranks, alert about WhatsApp’s rumors, false news that do nothing but twitch the viewer. The last, for now is to affecting Twitter.

A message that has gone viral in which users are invited to change their date of birth for the year 2007, supposedly to unlock new colors. The problem is that by making this change the account is automatically blocked.

It is a new option of colors in the account of the blue bird that is unlocked on changing the birth year. It means, you would be pretending to be 12 years old to be able to obtain funds and colors in your Twitter account.

In real, if Twitter detects that you are under age 13, it blocks the account. In its terms and conditions, Twitter warns that in order to have a functional account in its social network, the user must be over 13 years of age.

It has reached so many people and many are doing this strange and absurd viral trick that the Twitter itself had to go to stop users in a tweet.

“We’ve noticed how to get people to change their Twitter birthday in their profile to 2007 to unlock new color schemes. Please do not do this. You’ll get locked out for being under 13 years old.” – Twitter Support.

“We have warned a joke in which Twitter users are invited to change their birthday in the profile to the year 2007 to unlock new colors. Please do not do it. Your account will be blocked for being under 13 years old.”

The website also explained what users can do to recover their account, if we have pretended to be 12 years old to have new colors and funds in the Twitter account.

If your account was locked after changing your Twitter birthday to 2007, you can follow the instructions that were sent after the change was made to account.

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It is to be remembered that an application will never change, nor will it give you new features or bonuses or prizes upon sharing a “certain message”, or for ‘activating’ anything in your profile.