As you know that cloud gaming service is the hottest topic in the technical field nowadays. A few days ago, Google also announced Stadia game streaming service which will create exclusive games for the new platform, the studio is powered by vast cloud infrastructure. Reportedly, Walmart is going to follow this path and might be looking to launch its own cloud gaming service to compete with the likes of Google’s own.


Talking about the Google Stadia which is running on Linux and not on Windows which is the main reason it attracts game developers more. At the event, Google had not compared the teraflop number against the Xbox and PlayStation competition. According to multiple sources, the US retail giant has conducted meetings based on the possible streaming platform throughout 2019.

Walmart does have financing resources to fund a project like this, the company claims that it is capable of running the kind of infrastructure which it required, Walmart has six giant server farms that contain sensitive customer information and company data. Moreover, Walmart recently ended a five-year relationship with Microsoft to use Azure and Microsoft 365 products, the company on projects geared toward machine learning, AI, and data platforms, too, Microsoft is building a game-streaming service of its own.

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Earlier, Walmart first attempted in the market and release its own gaming computers under the brand name Overpowered and collaborated with Esports Arena. It is the first company in the US which has dedicated e-sports arena. Some issues like poor build quality and customer service were the main hurdles in the company’s launch.

Walmart has also some plans on his books to launch a video-streaming service that would compete with Netflix, as reported by CNBC in January. As for now, Walmart has not given any further detail or confirmation about the cloud gaming service.