soft robotic gripper

The latest work from a researchers team at MIT is a wonder in itself. A soft robot gripper is developed with amazing and unconventional looks to hold your groceries and to pick up other objects. More commonly it is familiar with a rubber tulip or a deflated balloon, it’s not like the high scientific robotic machine.


Daniela Rus, a professor at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), says:

If someone asked you to imagine a robot, you’d probably think of a human-shaped bot or some heavy-duty industrial robot arm. “But for me, I would like to see a change,”

The shape and structure make the device more comfortable to use. An origami skeleton which is shaped like starfish is present below the rubber skin. The whole gripper opens and closes like a flower when the gas is pumped in and out of the device airtight enclosure.

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The device is able to pick up the things 100 times more than its own weight harmlessly. Rus tells The Verge:

“By combining this foldable skeleton with the soft exterior, we get the best of both worlds.I’m excited about using such a robot hand to start grasping groceries.”

This soft robot gripper is not the only one, in the past, we have seen engineers looking to take advantage of soft machines like for picking items in warehouses and factories. But traditional robot grippers are made up of metal and hard plastics and they struggle with delicate items and irregular shapes. They can unpack your parcel but not without converting your egg into an omelet.

“This is a first, to our knowledge, in creating a robot hand that can do such useful work,” says Rus.

But no worries the best solution to the problem is here with this robot gripper. It can approach objects from a verity of angles because of its tulip-like shape, rather than picking it from one side only like a gripper that’s shaped like hands. Thanks to its origami skeleton, it has strength as well as flexibility.