Mi Fold

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi uploaded a new video teasing its foldable phone, the Mi Fold. We have seen the phone when the company has released the video of Xiaomi’s CEO playing with the foldable phone before. Now after Samsung has released its Galaxy fold about a month ago, the another 10-second sneak peek of this Xiaomi’s intriguing handset is here.

The video is released on March 27 and it shows how Xiaomi’s device switches from tablet mode to phone mode. This video has attracted everyone’s interest exponentially. Xiaomi’s flexible device boasts two hinges unlike its another foldable rival announced by Samsung galaxy and Huawei.

No information related to the hardware, software, etc, has been released by the company in this video. It is more likely released to attract the attention of users to its ease of use and convenience the phone will feature. The person holding the Mi Fold in the clip is seen moving the slate from portrait to landscape mode. The both of the Mi Fold’s edges are pushed underneath the tablet and folded toward the center of the device which shows the conversion of the device into a smartphone.

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A very casual kind of atmosphere is shown in the video where the user is using Xiaomi’s foldable phone to enjoy the social media and there is a cup of instant noodles beside him. We want to find the symbology behind the instant cup noodles. It can be that Xiaomi wants to show the size of the folded version relative to a commonly used object.

It is clear that the phone will be very easy to use and we can fold it from two sides and it appears to be quite easy. Previous leaks and teasers tell us that the phone will be available anywhere in between April and July, It will probably cost $999. You can enjoy OLED display which will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with 10 GB RAM.


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