Xiaomi new 100w

The battery size has become a good point for selling smartphone these days but as we know large batteries took plenty of time to charge. Most of the companies are now building fast charging techniques to fill up the batteries quickly. For this reason, Xiaomi has built up a fast charger which would be able to charge a smartphone with 100W of power. Xiaomi new 100W charger was first shown in a video posted on Weibo in which 4,000mAh phone is shown charging from empty to 100 percent in 17 minutes.

The popular devices like Samsung can handle up to 15W so for the time being Xiaomi’s tech is considerably faster than Samsung. On the other hand, Oppo 50W manages to charge a 3,700mAh battery to 65 percent in the same time that it took Xiaomi’s tech to completely fill up a 4,000mAh battery in 17 minutes.

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Xiaomi new 100W technology dubbed Super Charge Turbo, it uses a 100W adapter to charge the device at astonishingly fast speed. The adapter alone is not enough to take the benefit of this speed, you will also need a compatible device which can handle the speed because the charger is going to charge at its maximum supported speed.

So in any case, if you wanted to connect your Galaxy S9 to this super fast charger, then don’t. Because it still takes charge at 15W. Anyhow, Xiaomi did not reveal any further information about this device and how the new fast-charging technology works. Though type-C connector already supports 100W, it would be interesting to see it delivering that much power into a small battery without overloading it.

Also, Xiaomi has not announced which devices support this fast charging or on which upcoming models this technology will going to apply.

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