Anker new Powercore Fusion Power Delivery is a Battery/Charger combo which costs around $99.95, it is way lot more than we pay for any battery pack. First of all, the device uses gallium nitride (GaN) instead of silicon in its circuits which makes it smaller than other comparable chargers. Alongside it has a 5,000mAh battery built in, so you can use it as an external power pack.

Secondly, it uses industry-standard USB-C Power Delivery to provide 30W of charge from the brick to your laptop. Other then this it has a second USB-A jack on it for charging a second device, providing up to 12W on that port. Put all these things together and you will get a charging brick that can replace your old AC adapter and the external battery.

Moreover, Most of the people prefer AC adapters as bricks because they are big, dense, and heavier. It size measures 1.24 x 3.37 x 3.21 inches, which is considerably bigger than the 61W charger that comes with a 13-inch MacBook Pro. Too, there is a fold-out set of prongs to plug it in, but you can’t attach an extender to it. It does not have any space for cable management which is a little disappointment.

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If you have a computer, Chromebook, MacBook Air or Windows ultrabook that has less battery capacity then you should buy it. It charges up iPad Pro much faster than the 18W adapter that comes in the box. It will work as an external battery of the device and provides you enough power to charge your phone. You can fit this thing in a pocket as it is a bit heavier than Anker PowerCore 13000 C USB-C battery pack.

If you are a traveler who wants to take extra battery while traveling or an office employee who frequently use these devices then it might be the best option get your hands on this Anker battery/charger combo.

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