5G network

Apple and Qualcomm have resolved their legal battle of ongoing patent infringement and royalties dispute related to Apple’s use of Qualcomm modems in the iPhone. Both the companies have now come to an arrangement by resolving a two-year dispute along with an agreement of multiyear chipset supply, gaining access once again to the company’s high-end modems. That includes Qualcomm’s 5G chips needed to build a 5G iPhone.


For over many years certain companies are doing work in the field of 5G network, 5G is considered as the life-changing foundation for the augmented reality, telemedicine, and other tech trends with the goal of super-fast wireless technology is being rolled out. Previously, Qualcomm had been working on with Intel on 5G chips but the chipmaker faced a lot of problems in making the product.

Moreover, Apple and Qualcomm announced their settlement on Tuesday, Intel said it’s current 5G smartphone modem business is not doing so well. Therefore, Intel’s struggle with 5G tech is what brings both Apple and Qualcomm together.

“We are very excited about the opportunity in 5G and the ‘cloudification’ of the network, but in the smartphone modem business it has become apparent that there is no clear path to profitability and positive returns,” Intel CEO Bob Swan said in a statement. “5G continues to be a strategic priority across Intel, and our team has developed a valuable portfolio of wireless products and intellectual property. We are assessing our options to realize the value we have created, including the opportunities in a wide variety of data-centric platforms and devices in a 5G world.”

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Apple did not respond to the comment yet while Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf, during an interview with CNBC declined to comment whether a 5G modem could be incorporated in an iPhone to make 5G iPhone.

“We won’t talk about Apple’s product plans,” said Mollenkopf. “There’s obviously the beginning ramp of 5G broadly.”

Even though both the companies are working together, 5G iPhones not going release early. But it might be possible that Apple will introduce a 5G device in 2020.