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Apple designed smart keyboard folio for the 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models. It’s super slim with an attractive design, but it’s also expensive. Some iPad users may not like it some features like flat keys. Consequently, there is a piece of good news that some third-party companies like Zagg and Logitech have come out with some alternate iPad Pro keyboards.

The Slim Folio Pro from Logitech and the Slim Book Go from Zagg are the two popular alternatives for Apple’s smart keyboard. Apple costs $179 for the 11 inch iPad pro and $199 for the 12.9-inch model which is much expensive. Both third-party keyboard options are cheaper than the Smart Keyboard Folio. A decent amount of cash can be saved with the other party options.

We all know the features provided by Apple has no match so that with this case. Apple adds a minimal amount of bulk to the iPad Pro; consequently, it is super slim. This thin profile is a feature that Logitech and Zagg, has not been able to provide to their users. A considerable amount of bulk is added to the iPad Pro by the Slim Folio Pro and the Slim Book. They go doubling the weight of the device and making it a good deal thicker.

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The keys of Smart Keyboard Folio from Apple are flat and are covered with fabric. They don’t feel much like a standard keyboard and don’t have much travel. Zagg and Logitech have solutions to these problems, as they are thicker and thus accommodate keys with more travel, a more satisfying press, and just a better overall feel.

Those who like more traditional keys should go for the Slim Folio Pro and the Slim Book Go as they both offer a better typing experience than the Smart Keyboard Folio.

The Smart Keyboard Folio is the only keyboard accessory that uses the smart connector on the new iPad Pro models. Others connect to the iPad Pro using Bluetooth. So, it’s totally up to your choice to go for the one having qualities matching your requirements.


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