X box One S

The launch of an even cheaper Xbox One S is near. Microsoft is removing the BluRay disc drive altogether, in order to cut the costs. The console probably launches on May 7th for €229 in Germany, according to the leaked marketing images spotted by Winfuture.


Chances are that this is the real deal, and those marketing images line up perfectly with previous rumors. As given, the launch is just a few weeks away. According to the WinFuture’s images, it looks exactly like an Xbox One S without the disc slot. The console is called Xbox One S All Digital.

It comes with a 1 TB hard drive. Currently, most standard Xbox One S consoles also feature a 1 TB hard drive. This console is only for digital games this has been clearly stated by Microsoft. You won’t be able to insert them in the console if you already have physical Xbox One games.

Minecraft, Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 3, these are the download codes through which customers can get three games for free with the console. You can subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass to access a library of games or you can then buy more games in the online store.

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In Germany, this model should cost €229, but you might be able to buy it for less. For instance, on Microsoft’s official website an Xbox One S officially costs €299. But, on Amazon and through other retailers you can easily buy it for €200.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Xbox One S All Digital officially costs $229 in the U.S because Microsoft usually uses the same price points in USD. Microsoft is testing the market with this console it is very clear to us. The company has been pivoting to a subscription model. From a gaming console brand to a service brand, the Xbox brand is evolving. Microsoft can use this as its key differentiating factor with the next generation of consoles.