google has added

As part of a pilot program, Google has added a new sponsored content section for some Android TV devices, the company confirmed in a statement to the XDA Developers. The Android TV seems to be well incorporated into boxes and connected televisions, so the company decided to add advertising, sponsored ads well positioned on the main screen.


A Google spokesman commented on the experiment: “Android TV is committed to optimizing and personalizing the home entertainment experience. While we explore new opportunities to engage the user community, we are launching a pilot program to present sponsored content on the Android TV main screen.”

Google has trusted Android a lot and it’s not strange. The operating system purchased from Andy Rubin’s team has put the company in a position of power in the field of smartphones. This was tried to replicate in other sectors, such as tablets, watches or televisions.

The recent work done is on Android TV, in which some users are seeing some ads at the system level, and that can be a bad symptom, or a failure. Some have seen how after an update of the system, the interface began to show sponsored content in some of the content channels.

It is replicate of a previous report by some users who noticed advertisements appearing on their Sony TV based on Sony X900F Tv. Although a statement from Nvidia representative denies that the ads are published on Scudo TVs, which mean that the problem could be content for Sony smart TV.

If the update has been distributed to the device, you’ll notice a new ‘Sponsored Content’ line on the home screen among the recommended content. We all have experienced how a channel with recommended applications appears, but it can be disabled in a simple way just like on any other channel.

For the moment, on Reddit someone has managed to find a trick to disable them. Users need to uninstall the updates of the Android TV Core Services app m doing so the home screen will crash, but just press Home on your input device to restart it. At that point, the Sponsored line can be removed like any other.

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If we do not want to have to do it again we have to deactivate the automatic updates of that application. Else, you will return to the previous situation within a few hours. It is certainly not a too wise solution, since it is a critical element of the operating system.