Google Maps

Today is the annual April fool’s Day. Every year, Google Maps of April Fool’s Day is presented. There is no exception. Google launched a small snake-like game for iOS and Android clients.


It has being released to iOS and Android applications worldwide today, and will be free to play the rest of the week. If you happen to be one of the few users that do not use Google Maps on your smartphone, desktop is also an independent place where you can play on.

Google has never been separated from the celebration on the Day of the Innocents. In 2016, the technology giant added a ‘microphone’ button to replace ‘Send and archive’ which, upon clicking would send everybody in the chat a GIF of a Minion.

While that prank may or may not have been entertaining, the technology giant has adopted a different strategy this year. To add a new sense, it has added an entertaining version of this traditional Snake game.

To play the game, go to the Google Snake site or look for the “Play Snake” option in the settings panel of your Google Maps application on your smartphone. You can play this classic game in some big city themes.  You can choose between Cairo, Tokyo, Sydney, San Francisco, London or the entire planet.

However, instead of a snake, you must move a train near the location of your choice. The goal of the game is to collect as many passengers as you can on your train without hitting you or the map.

User can control the movement of the train using the arrow keys of the keyboard. Each passenger that picks up makes the train longer, which, after a while complicates the trick of the train on the screen.

To obtain extra points, you can collect well-known monuments in each and every city such as the Sydney Opera House, the London City Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Unlike the original Snake game, the train starts to move with enough speed, so you’ll need to to watch its movements carefully. Go,check, play and enjoy!