Samsung galaxy fold

As we know that the Samsung galaxy fold is not scheduled to release until 26th of April. Also, we all have been waiting anxiously for the galaxy fold, therefore, a pre-production version of the folding phone has already been disassembled and laid out piece by piece in photos. The pictures were posted on microblogging site Weibo, though the originals have since been removed.

As a matter of fact, it takes so many parts to build a foldable phone which all are arranged in an organized manner that on the same time looks impossible to repair. These are the dissected photos of Samsung Galaxy fold, these pictures are the nearest look yet at what makes this ambitious, flawed, and very expensive phone.

Starting with the hinge of the heart fold which helps its 7.3-inch foldable screen unfold and keeps it safe. Too, it looks very sturdy from the inside and we can also see it’s reinforcement from the three points. With more pictorial evidence you can see that ribbon cables routed through the hinge, expectedly to drive both the large, foldable screen and the smaller 4.6-inch display on its front. Probably it would send power to the phone’s second battery when it’s on the charge.

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Moving on to the batteries, one of them has “TBD mAh” of capacity listed which indicates that this is likely a pre-production unit. Both the cables stretching through the hinge have “L” and “R” printed on them, it also explains the jelly scrolling effect which we have spotted earlier. However, the photos do not exactly highlight the issues of the device which has occurred so far. One of the photos shows the flexible display removed from the phone’s chassis.

As the documentation of the dissected phone has been removed from Weibo, it’s not clear if this screen has the all-too-easy-to-remove, with vital protective layer still applied, or if it’s removed.