Instagram is apparently in view of a major change in its features. According to the code found in the Instagram app, the company is hiding the number of “likes” that a publication gets. Instead, the interface focuses on who liked the image.


This change was spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, who regularly discovers hidden changes in social networking applications. In the interface presented, the company explains the inspiration behind the “hidden likes”:

“We want your subscribers to focus on what you share, not on the number of tastes you get. During this test, only the person who has shared a message will see the total number of tastings he or she gets “

On the whole, it means that you can still be obsessed with the number of likes on your posts on Instagram, but that fellow users will not be able to see that.

Instagram indicates that this new feature has not been tested. A spokesperson of the company said in a statement:

“We haven’t tested this yet, but we’ve been thinking about ways to reduce the pressure on Instagram.”

Previously, the UK’s non-governmental organization Information Commissioner’s Office said it hopes that platforms like Instagram and Snapchat will provide the ability to turn off the praise flaunting to guard the security and privacy of young users on the platform.

Social networks have recently focused on the idea of ​​digital welfare. Instagram itself launched a new feature last year to help put a stop to blind scrolling because of its algorithm.

Meanwhile, Facebook has added a “Your Time on Facebook” feature to help users know how much time they spend in the app.

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It’s not sure if other platforms will follow the example of Instagram. In this way, users will not be too addicted to social networks and it seems that the move is not bad.