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There have been plenty of rumors circulating about what type of connector Apple will equip in its new iPhones, along with the fact that iPad Pro and its MacBook line use USB-C. As per a Japanese blog Mac Otakara, Apple is likely to reveal new iPhones models this year which are rumored to have three variants may not contain USB-C ports, as we’ve been seeing the reports. They probably now going to ship with a faster 18W USB-C charger and a Lightning to USB-C cable.


If we look back Apple always ships new smartphones with the same 5W cube charger it’s included for years. Despite adding fast charging support to the iPhone 8 and the newer models, that will allow a 50 percent charge in just 30 minutes via USB-C Power Delivery. Last year, iPad pro redesign brings USB-C to Apple’s tablet line and with it came a faster 18W charger.

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However, to take advantage of the fast charging customers have to spend a total of $48 to purchase a standalone 18W USB-C power adapter and Lightning to USB-C cable from Apple, although some cheaper options are also available on Amazon. But shipping that setup in a box is a smart way to bring fast charging to new iPhones whereas retaining the lightning port to help ease the transition in the future. This would mean that you finally be able to plug your device into the Mac laptop without the need of purchasing a new cable.

A bundled lightning to USB-C cable means that customers who would pay $749 for a new iPhone would finally have a cable which would be able to connect with the latest MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro models out of the box. Last year, we have heard the same rumor about Apple bundling a fast 18W USB-C power charger with 2018 iPhones, but it ended up being for 2018 iPad Pro models.

In addition, Apple 2019 lineup might include two-way wireless charging, similar to what Samsung added on the Galaxy S10. This is the second time the same rumors appears, hopefully, this time it will going to be true.