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A new podcast player is here to see playlist of your friends


The problem of discovering new shows has been solved by this new designed podcast app. Pete Curley and Garret Heaton, are the co-founders of this app, who previously founded and sold HipChat. This past week, swoot was launched, it enables the listeners to see what shows their friends follow, as well as the shows and episodes they recommend, all in the name of getting people to discover new content. Well, it is a big idea.

For example, you may see your friend’s face pop up as a listener when you search for podcasts. Moreover, it works as simple as any other podcast. To bring the concept to life, the duo raised $3 million. Curley says:

Podcasts have a discovery problem, which is what most podcast executives will tell you

That’s where friend recommendations come into play,

Spotify wants to give a solution for this problem. So that NPR and everyone else who has a podcast and wants addition listeners. There’s no easy way to share a podcast and make it engaging enough to click on and enjoy, unlike a viral TikTok or Instagram post.

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People see what their friends are enjoying using this music social network. Using Swoot if I see my friend enjoying a show that I’ve heard about. I could easily message them and ask if it’s good. Furthermore, if I already listen, I could talk to them about it.

This shows that for the success of the app, your friends must join the podcast with you. Facebook, Twitter, your contacts, or looking them up by username, you can find your friends and invite them else. It’s an interesting concept, but we are not sure if Swoot can solve the podcast discovery problem, or if people will get encouraged  to leave their default podcast player. Some of the people will love this podcast.

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