Nintendo announced itself that the two video games, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey will be compatible with the Nintendo Labo Kit VR.


Waiting for the big titles of 2019 that will arrive later in the year, here is talk about Nintendo the interesting developments of these two of its most famous games on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Many experts predicted it that Nintendo would have created a VR sooner or later. After the release of Nintendo LABO: Kit VR, it was known that updates on other games would soon arrive.

As happened in the past for Mario Kart 8, other 2 Nintendo Switch games also receive a free update to take advantage of Nintendo LABO products.

The company hasn’t discussed any new features or expansions that will modify the game plot by adding additional elements, as in reality, to an extra accessory that could allow us to have something more available on the Japanese console.

For the Super Mario title, three mini-missions have been added in which we will have to go and collect musical notes and coins to get a better overall performance in the game action.

As far as Zelda is concerned, the new possibility of having an additional option in the dedicated menu that will enable the Toy-Con to be activated directly with the VR Goggles. Once this step is completed, Link, Zelda’s main character, will be able to enjoy adventures that have been defined as epic and never tried before.

Apparently both upgrades are free but users will need to have the VR Kit available which. It would start being on sale from next April 12th. The two video games will receive a free update on April 26th which will allow them to receive VR mode.

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Therefore, only about 10 days after the official release we should have these interesting innovations available at the game stage.