OnePlus 7 Pro

This year OnePLus is going to do something very different, apart from launching its successor to OnePlus 6T which is called OnePlus 7. The company is also going to launch OnePlus 7 Pro on May 14th which is the upgraded version of the OnePlus 7 and will be one of the first phones available to support 5G connectivity.

According to a recent OnePlus tweet, 7 pro will have three rear cameras. The camera tease has the hashtag #OnePlus7Pro, so the three-camera setup might be limited to the more premium upcoming OnePlus model that will also have an upgraded display with a rumored 90Hz refresh rate. In 2014, when the company released its first OnePlus one after that the company gained a reputation of making good quality phones with premium specs at wallet-friendly prices.

The company’s strategy built up similar features like Samsung Galaxy and iPhone, making it harder every year to keep up the low prices. Compared to other brands, OnePlus has one of the highest increases in cost from model to model. As for the cameras, OnePlus will have a standard, telephoto, ultra-wide trio which has become very popular this year. There is a little probability that one of those cameras could be a depth sensor.

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Though there is certainly need of a new camera tech as they have already used the hardware in both the OnePlus 6 and 6T last year. The company has made some software and currently processing improvements in that software. Anyhow, the pop-up selfie cameras might up the game for OnePlus and still be fairly novel for US buyers. It would be interesting to see what other handsets are in the line or what prices it would have.

OnePlus announces the first flagship of the year in spring, followed by an updated phone known as the “T version” in the fall. It is unclear whether the company launch it on the same day they going to launch OnePlus 7. As for now, a spokesperson of Oneplus has declined to comment on the matter because the company is holding four events for the OnePlus 7 Pro’s debut, one of which is in New York. It is also not clear if the OnePlus 7 Pro is the same 5G phone the company said it would launch for the UK.

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