Samsung Galaxy fold

Few numbers of American journalists, who have been holding a sample of the Samsung Galaxy Fold for just two days report rather important problems to the display, with photos of broken screens on twitter and in their articles.

The phone is not for sale yet but is already in rumors. The first reports of problems at the Samsung Galaxy Fold came from expert experience and made chaos online with videos showing models in proof that have proved breakable.

One the reporter Dieter Bohn from The Verge explained, having found on his device to be tested small tangible hump under the flexible screen which is prominent enough to collapse it, just in conjunction with the hinge.

According to Bohn’s observation the defects could be happened due to external mediators. The trouble has aroused after 2 days of delivery and after 24 hours of use of the smartphone.

“Whatever happened, it is not because I mistreated him”, warns Bohn sorry, assuming that the Samsung branded foldable may have come into contact with a scam of flexible material.

The product is still in the procedure of being faultless, but it risks buzzing up problems even before it made it to the market.

Another issue reported by Steve Kovach, of the issuer US Cnbc, who in a tweet has published the video, in which he states that his Galaxy Fold broke after just one day of use. Specifically, the left side of the folding screen would not show any kind of image, as if it had come off.

The problem apparently would be widespread and other editors have also reported similar problems. A case of Mark Gruman of Bloomberg, who damaged the screen after removing the protective film which, as particularly indicated by the manufacturer in the instruction manual.

Also the popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee has reported the same type of problem as it has removed what seemed to be in effect a screensaver.

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It is clear that there are two types of problems happening; one is in the case that Kovach reported with the display after one day, while in the other is all linked to the removal of the film.

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