Samsung Galaxy S10 camera features a dedicated night mode

Samsung galaxy S10 camera

Samsung is rolling out a new camera feature for Galaxy S10 camera called Night mode, according to SamMobile. It allows S10 to automatically activate a night mode for low-light shots, into its own dedicated night mode. It seems like a replacement to the original bright night feature which also activated automatically to let you take long exposures in very low light.

With the help of night mode, you could decide when to turn the feature on and off. This feature is also available on Huawei’s P30 Pro and on the Pixel 3’s as “Night Sight.” Although users would be able to use Samsung’s Galaxy S10 camera night mode feature manually whenever they like, instead of relying on the algorithm to choose for them.

Once the updated feature will roll out users gets a new night mode feature for the camera. Moreover, the mode can be activated by swiping, similar to other camera modes like the Panorama or Instagram modes that are built into Samsung’s camera app. Previously, the lack of manual night mode feature was one of the most confusing parts of S10, if you compared it to Pixel 3 which allows its users to toggle the long-exposure mode at will.

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When the manual control becomes stable then the company go on the algorithm side for its pictures. According to some sources, Pixel 3 still shot better night mode pictures than Samsung version, whereas newcomers like Huawei’s P30 Pro have already shadowed even the Pixel’s performance. In other shooting scenarios, Samsung has showcased the galaxy S10 camera captures incredible photos in it not clear in which terms Samsung is falling down.
Samsung had worked hard on the development of their night mode feature for the S10. It is still good in terms of functionality and that the company is offering you a full-fledged feature for those who want it. However, the update is only available currently in Switzerland but will arrive in other territories soon.

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