fingerprint scanner

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone, the announcement of a big new feature was made that was the all new ‘in-.display’ fingerprint scanner for the S10 and S10+ models. It was not just about the convenience of having the scanner built into the screen that was being offered by Samsung but another purpose was the additional security provided by the Samsung ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

It was capable of creating an intricate 3D map of your fingerprint, we were sure, which meant that only you, and you alone, could unlock your phone. Samsung has just been proven wrong as a security researcher, as the fingerprint scanner is fooled by a 3D printer copy.

Discussing about the working of the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S10 and S10+ smartphones it can capture 3D image rather a 2D one compared to the more traditional capacitive scanner. The scanner can map a fingerprint in quite amazing details which includes things like ridges and pores as well as just the ‘flat’ patterns for which it uses very high-frequency ultrasonic soundwaves.

We are amazed that ho someone can break a map that captures depth data across different points on the scanner, making the resulting map very detailed in all dimensions. As far as the scanner is concerned, nothing went wrong, it did its job as expected.

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Bad luck that the researcher or hacker, darkshark9, used a photograph of his fingerprint from a wine glass. By using Photoshop, he created an alpha mask from it. Then this mask was exported to 3ds Max software in order to create a geometry displacement to get a highly-detailed and 3D model was raised. Model from his AnyCubic Photon LCD resin printer which has an accuracy-level down to 10 microns, did rest of the job. All the ridges of the fingerprint were thus properly rendered. After13 minutes of printing time, the resulting fake fingerprint opened the Galaxy S10 every time.

So, it does not mean that finger print scanner is not safe as darkshark9 himself said that :

“Optical sensors can be tricked with a simple scan and paper printout of a fingerprint” he notes, “ultrasonic can’t.

The fingerprint scanner is certainly more secure than the facial recognition. As it can be easily beaten by a video of the owner placed in front of the smartphone.