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The smartphone manufacturer, Samsung, announced that the postponed the launch of its foldable model Galaxy Fold after US journalists complained of serious problems of defective screens.

Announced with great display in February, Samsung’s “Galaxy Fold“, billed as the very first foldable smartphone. A few days before its commercialization announced for May 3, the smartphone has been tested by journalists. They have noted severe malfunctions in it and reported it to the producers.

Like testers at the The Verge site found a slight lump beneath the inner screen, resulting in white perpendicular lines on the screen. On the other hand, Steve Kovacs of CNBC noticed an annoying twinkle on part of the screen. Others have observed cases of screens turning off or blinking.

“Users told us that the device needed improvements. To fully study these returns, and carry out extensive testing, we decided to postpone the launch of the Galaxy Fold,” said the group in a statement, without providing a date.

“We plan to give a release date in the coming weeks,” he added, promising “measures to strengthen the protection of the screen.”

In an increasingly competitive environment, Samsung is betting big on this new high-end device. Its Chinese competitor Huawei is also expected to sell a product of the same type, the Mate X, which he presented at the end of February, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

In September 2016, the South Korean group had a serious mishap with its Galaxy Note 7, whose battery had an unfortunate tendency to catch fire. The investigation had shown that the group’s speed to market this model before the competition had played a role in the design flaws of the device.

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Samsung postponed the process of this set, because right now the success of the Galaxy Fold is also more important for the brand as they are preparing to unveil financial results that are sharply lower in the first quarter of 2019 as compared to 2018.

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