Slack arrived more than 5 years ago with an idea to try to kill the email in the workplace. This week at the Frontiers Conference in San Francisco, the company announced several modifications to the product, including extending collaboration for the people who wants to stick with emails instead of hanging with their co-workers.


Slack has finally realized that our email and calendaring solutions are useful and should work more closely with its chat software. We have already seen this in Office 365 integration and now the company is taking further steps bridging email and calendaring directly into the app. Slack has built a new connection between its service and email. In the coming months, you would be able to mention the person in channels or send them a direct message to their emails.

Replies will come directly to the app, and the back-and-forth exchange will also transform into a full Slack history if the person decides to join Slack. Not forget to mention, this bridge is only enabled when admins provisioned users inside an organization, so you won’t be able to Slack people by email yet.

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This bridge part is the only integration the company is offering, apart from that, Slack is handling calendar integration. You will soon be able to sync your status to your Outlook or Gmail calendar so colleagues will know when you’re in a meeting or out of the office. It will also detect when you are talking about creating a meeting and underline things like today or click on to create a meeting in Gmail or Outlook.

Normally, meetings have calls associated with them, Slack is going to allow its partners like Zoom, Hangouts, and Webex to show who is on the call within Slack and the ability to quickly join. This all is the part of the deeper integration of Google Calendar and Outlook into slack. Another thing about this cloud-based set is the search, you can search using the search box or perform quick commands from Cmd + K or Ctrl + K to navigate. The new search interface would be available in the coming weeks.