Tesla new AI chip

On Monday, Musk showed a custom design artificial intelligence chip which his company designed especially for installing in its vehicles. Musk claims that the Tesla new AI chip is powerful enough to allow Teslas to pilot themselves without supervision to make it totally a self-driving car, by the end of this year.

“All Tesla cars being produced right now have everything necessary for full self-driving,” Musk said. “All you need to do is improve the software.”

Describing the new FSD computer which stands for ‘full-self driving’, the best chip in the world that powers all the Tesla’s vehicle as per Elon Musk. Tesla starts designing the chip three years ago when self-driving technology was not so common. Musk also claims that one year from now more than 1 million Tesla vehicles would be capable of driving themselves while a person sleeps in the driver’s seat, plus the company will help customers make money when they are not using their cars by renting them out as “robotaxis”

“Any company that Elon Musk is affiliated with, they make big claims,” says Patrick Moorhead, a semiconductor analyst and industry veteran. “And sometimes things go through, and the rocket lands on a pedestal in the middle of the ocean, and sometimes … it blows up in mid-air.”

Moreover, Tesla is trying to get the technology working without the use of 3D sensors called lidars, chips and robotics experts said that it is unclear how much amount of computing power is necessary to for self-driving. Certainly, Tesla thinks that its chips are worth shouting about, Pete Bannon Tesla’s lead on the project had opened the Monday event with a detailed rundown of the FSD’s technical specs.

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Each FSD computer contains a number of components, most important of which are of Tesla’s custom-designed chips, built by Samsung. Each FSD consists of two chips, and each chip has two accelerators that are specially designed to run neural networks, the AI components Tesla’s cars use to read the road.

Furthermore, Tesla new AI chip can perform up to 72 trillion operations per second, and the system is capable of analyzing 2,100 frames of video each second, which is 21 times faster than previous-generation hardware, explains Tesla.