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Microsoft announced a host of new features and additions for the Windows 10 Xbox game bar today. The entire game bar features are going into beta this month and a number of them are available now. SPOTIFY and CHAT integration is the biggest part of this update.

Head of Microsoft’s gaming division Phil Spencer, confessed last year that the company has done a lot of work for PC gamers. The updated game bar now includes widgets that look a bit like the overlays of NVIDIA’s GeForce experience tools.

Microsoft announced the new features in a blog post earlier today. The company highlighted the improved facility to PC gaming on Windows 10. The widgets include the kind of features users normally find in the Xbox Game Bar, but now it does have new features.

The game bar can be accessible by pressing “Win+G” in any game which will have spotify integration, chat, gallery changes, and a customizable UI. The Spotify addition comes all the way through the Spotify app for Windows. It will allow users to access controls and playlists through the game bar without any difficulty.

It also has an audio widget for changing the game’s volume, and another one for monitoring CPU, GPU, and RAM usage. By quickly editing and sharing Twitter features, Microsoft can also let you capture screenshots, covert it to new memes and share it to Twitter.

Screenshots and videos can be captured from the Windows 10 Xbox game bar with “Win+Alt+PrtSc” and “Win+Alt+R,” correspondingly. It also allows users to record the last 30 seconds of video with “Win+Alt+G.” The widget also lets users check what their Xbox friends are playing, send messages, and voice chat.

“Like many of you, music is a very important part of our gaming experience. Now you can easily control music and podcasts on Spotify from the Spotify widget in the Game bar, including play/pause/skip, changing current playback device, and selecting playlists recommended for you by Spotify.” The company said in the blog post.

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The Company is looking for good response before it will be broadly promoted; currently only PC gamers are experiencing the new Xbox Game Bar. To test a new game bar, user can enable it by launching “Xbox Insider Hub” on Windows 10 PC and selecting Windows Gaming from the content options.


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