Today, EE has turned on the UK first 5G connectivity across London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, and Manchester. It will allow people the super fast internet speed for the first time in history. The 5G network is now available in limited parts of the cities, the company has launched a month before Vodafone plans to launch their own 5G service.


5G coverage in the US has remained so limited with Verizon 5G connectivity whereas EE has focused to give coverage to all across popular tourist destinations across London, including areas like St Paul’s, Covent Garden, Soho, The Strand, Tower Bridge, and London Bridge. The phone network follows the 4G but promises to offer internet speeds faster than its predecessor.

In other words, the average speed is a 10x improvement over what I was seeing on 4G. The average speed was 200 Mbps on 5G as compared to 25 Mbps on 4G in the same spot. Moreover, you don’t have to stand in the same spot to get 5G access rather you can walk freely to all the above-mentioned places while still connected to the fastest internet.

There are a number of other companies which are currently manufacturing 5G capable phones including Samsung, OnePlus, LG, HTC, and Oppo. EE has decided not to sell Huawei’s 5G models amid the ongoing dispute between the companies, and Apple is yet to release a 5G-ready handset. Last Week announcement of 5G, Chief Executive Marc Allera said:

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“Until we get the information and confidence and the long-term security that our customers – when they buy those devices – are going to be supported for the lifetime that they’ve got the device with us”.

However, EE is planning to achieve the target of 1500 sites by the end of 2019, including the “busiest parts” of Bristol, Coventry, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, and Sheffield. Rival company Vodafone has confirmed that they are going to launch 5G network across the seven cities in the UK on the 3rd of July. With a promise to add other twelve cities by the end of the year.