Today, Amazon announced the company is building a Spanish-language Alexa experience for U.S. users and it has begun to ask customers to participate in a preview program that will help the company. Amazon will be allowed by this program, which is currently invite-only, to incorporate into the U.S. Spanish-language experience. It will result in a better understanding of things like word choice and local humor, as it has done with prior language launches in other regions.

Moreover, starting today, using the Alexa Skills Kit developers have been invited to begin building Spanish-language skills. For the time being any skills created now will be made available to the customers in the preview program. It was announced on the Alexa blog.

For Spanish-speaking customers, manufacturers can also now request early access to a related Alexa Voice Services (AVS) developer preview, who want to build “Alexa Built-in” products. Bose, Facebook, and Sony are preparing to do so. However, smart home device makers, including Philips, TP-Link, and Honeywell Home, will bring to U.S. users “Works with Alexa” devices that support Spanish, said Amazon.

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Alexa had supported Spanish language skills, but only in Spain and Mexico, not in the U.S announced today. According to Amazon, developers can extend their existing skills to the U.S users. Developers have also been able to create skills in English in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and India. Moreover, as well as in German, Japanese, French (in France and in Canada), and Portuguese (in Brazil), in addition to Spanish.

But over the years, thanks to the Google work with Google Voice Search and Google Translate. In addition to launching the device in Spain and Mexico, last summer Google home supported for Spanish. Apple has also added support for Spanish in September 2018, to their Homepod in the U.S., Spain, and Mexico. In terms of support for Spanish in the U.S, Amazon also trails Apple.

The United States has the second highest concentration of Spanish speakers in the world, following Mexico, according to the 2015 report by Instituto Cervantes. There were 53 million people who spoke Spanish in the U.S at the time of this report.

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