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Famous accessory maker Anker has released a new dongle which is mainly to target Apple users. Anker latest dongle adapter which allows lightning headphones to connect with USB-C devices, such as a modern Mac, 2018 iPad Pro, and some recent Windows 10 laptops. The company says its adapter supports full digital audio quality and it’s MFi-certified to ensure full functionality with your Apple devices.

Anker latest dongle $29.99 accessory is available on Amazon, it is quite expensive and comes a few years late. Although the great thing about Apple MFi Certified is that it can work perfectly to connect Lightning headphones with USB-C devices. If your lightning earbuds have an in-line microphone and track control then it should still work when running through the adapter, as per the company.

Moreover, the adapter offers you full digital (48KHz / 24-bit) audio transmission, it is important as there are only a few audiophile-grade, hi-fi Lightning headphones in the market. It also promises you to provide full functionality with earphone mic and remote functions while connected to your USB-C devices.

Apple lightning EarPods are not the only one lightning headphones. Beats sells a Lightning version of its UrBeats, and several low-cost options have made ever since Apple stopped selling the headphone jack several years ago.

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Anker mentioned a list of headphones and earbuds which should work perfectly with the dongle: Apple EarPods with Lightning connector, Beats urBeats3 with Lightning connector, Apogee Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset, Audeze iSINE LX, LCDi4, iSINE20, iSINE10, SINE, and EL-8 Titanium, Pioneer Rayz, Rayz Plus, Rally, Radius HP-NEL21, HP-NEL31, HC-M100L, and HP-NHL21.

If we conclude, this adapter is best suited for audio listening so if you need some microphone which can plug in over lightning, that’s might not be the thing which you want to get it working through a USB-C port. Anker also said that it is not a charging adapter, even with both of those caveats, this might be the first dongle to allows connection with such devices. Apple does make a 3.5mm-to-USB-C adapter but not exactly like this thing.



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