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Apple has recently acquired Tueo health, which is a small startup that was previously developing an app to help parents monitor the asthma symptoms of their sleeping kids. It is not yet confirmed how much Apple has paid for buying the Asthma monitoring startup. The Tueo health CEO Bronwyn Harris and chief operating officer Anura Patil has changed their employer to Apple on LinkedIn in 2018, the exact time when the deal was completed.

Earlier, Tueo health was developing an app that had worked in partnership with commercial breathing sensors to help manage asthma symptoms in children. The app would be able to send alerts to the parents to reminding if their child breathing changed at night. On the other hand, Apple wanted to add more features to its Apple watch, the latest of them is that it can perform an electrocardiogram and detect when a user falls.

The company is also anticipated to redesign its Health apps for iPhone with some new features such as menstrual cycles as part of its iOS 13 updates. Moreover, Apple is expected to reveal its new iOS 13 features on the developer’s conference on the 3rd of June.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook has many times explained the company’s ambition and interest in the health sector, he said that health care would be Apple’s biggest contribution to mankind. Apple has also bought two other health care unit apart from this Asthma monitoring startup. Anyhow the startup they acquired called Gliimpse, which was developing technology to aggregate medical records, in 2016. It bought Beddit, a company that makes sleep sensors, in 2017.

Apple is making a small acquisition in each year, CEO Tim Cook told that Apple buys a new company every after a few weeks. He further adds Apple is “primarily looking for talent and intellectual property.”

It is clear now that Apple wanted to expand its health offering, it was evident when the company had incorporated electrocardiogram and fall detection feature in the Apple watch series 4. However, an Apple spokesperson declined to comment on this news yet.

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