Ferrari has announced its first plug-in car the SF90 Stradale. The car comes with V8 turbo engine, which the company claims have the highest output of any 8-cylinder in its history. This model comes with total three electric motors two on its front side and one on its rear side. The model is a successful attempt to bridge the gap between the gas-powered tradition and the electrified future.

The machine takes in a 4-liter, 769-horsepower turbo V8 with a trio of electric motors (217HP effective horsepower), combined, can take the car to 62MPH in 2.5 seconds while offering a modicum of eco-friendliness. The horsepower allows the car to accelerate from 0–62 mph in just 2.5 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 211 mph.

If you want to run the car in its all-electric eDrive mode, you can drive at 15.5 miles purely on electric power. Ferrari claims that the SF90 Stradale could hit a maximum of around 84 mph without its combustion engine. The engine turns off automatically once you reverse the car meaning the car’s gearbox doesn’t need to include a reverse gear.

Talking about the car internals, the car featured a 16-inch curved HD screen behind the steering wheel, it can be controlled by using the touchpad and haptic buttons on the steering wheel. You would be able to use these switches with the help of car’s four-engine modes. That is all-electric eDrive, Hybrid, Performance, and Qualify, which offer a different balance of speed, battery, and fuel consumption.

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One thing to be mentioned here that this model is less powerful than the LaFerrari including a 211MPH top speed versus its predecessor’s 217MPH. But in practice, the car is anticipated to be faster because of a new powertrain, a torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system, a faster eight-gear dual-clutch transmission, and a lower overall weight can get the SF90 around Ferrari’s own test track a second ahead of the LaFerrari.

Ferrari has not announced the price and availibilty of SF90 Stradale yet, its technology might give others an idea to come out of the phase of the combustion engine. Many countries including the UK and China have decided to ban the production of petrol and diesel cars in coming time.